Yallah ! Watcha lookin' for?

Tcherek el Arïane | Algerian Almond filled Crescent Cookies

Tcherek a delicious little almond stuff cookie dating back to the time of the Dey Ramadhan Pacha of  Algiers is a delectable treat for any special occasion table.

Khoubz el Bey | Algerian Almond Honey Cake

Khoubz el Bery, the Queen of North African desserts so delicious that even satisfied the sweet of the old Algiers Bey. 

Macédoine de légumes | Creamy Colourful Summer Salad

Our family gatherings never seem complete without this traditional  salad. What makes it different from the usual potato salad is the addition of all the colourful vegetables.

Algerian Inspired Tuna Melt Panini

You'll need both hands to eat this overstuffed Algerian inspired tuna sandwich, lavished with fiery condiments, a North African take on a the American classic.


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